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Haritaki reviews 4.8 out of 5, 231 reviews"I have been taking Haritaki for about six months now and I feel grateful that I stumbled upon it thru watch a video where Paramahamsa Nithyananda (watch his videos on detoxifying your body) mentioned that it puts 300% more oxygen in your body. That statement alone sold me. Imagine what you can do with 300% more energy.
I 'm on it, my mom is on it, my best friends are taking it, in fact almost everyone I I tell them about it. I love it and it tastes interesting when you think of what great benefits to your body, you can stomach the acquired taste; or simply take it with orange juice.
My reflexes are sharper, my intuition is heightened, and by this I mean, I am aware of myself being aware.
My thought process is faster.
I'm alert throughout the day and I sleep like a baby at night. There's a reason why it's called the King of Herbs." The Law of Success Coach
Mary Ann, Los Angeles
Yes, Haritaki has had a really huge effect in me. I can think and focus more than before. Physically my body was always tired but wow, I am surprised at how happy I feel now and how I can get up with no problems. 
Marie LaBlanc,  Vancouver Canada
I wanted to let you know how much the Haritaki has helped me. I normally have to take anti-depressants through the winter because I suffer so badly from SAD. I don't like taking them, however, because they run me into a zombie! This winter, I decided I was going to try to make it through just with Haritaki, with wonderful results! I am feeling consistently happy and emotionally balanced. I don't think I have ever felt like this in my entire life!! I look forward to each day, rather than dreading it! Thank you so much for recommending Haritaki to me. It has greatly changed my life for the better!
Sandha Ghate Ohio
I love haritaki powder. I have been using it daily for the past few years. It truly is a super food and a must for spiritual seekers
Peter in Toronto
My experiences are heightened brain activity, alertness. Effortless alertness. With effortless alertness, optimal conditions for third eye, what people call intuition, is easily accessible. Haritaki detoxifies in many ways, so the benefits effect perception in ways that are obvious and not so obvious. The body is quiet and so is the mind--conducive to perceiving without disruptions.